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I help powerhouse female entrepreneurs deepen their impact by helping Them be more seen and heard by Their ideal clients.

Investing in your website’s SEO health is like planting a garden. It’s an organic growth strategy that will bear you figurative fruit for the long-term. 

You’re in the right place if you want to scale your brand (sustainably), but you already have more things to do than there are hours in the day. You want to earn more, but you’re already working too much – and freedom is why you started your business in the first place. 

Ignoring your SEO strategy and fading into algorithm obscurity is doing your would-be customers a disservice. 

Don’t let your competitors monopolize all your would-be traffic over a few foundational mistakes in the tech setup of your website. 

Get your site ready to amass a steady streamline of dream leads, make money on autopilot, and make Google work for you – 24/7, even while you sleep.

You know what you bring to the table. Don’t let it stay your industry’s best-kept secret.  

Gabby Luoma

Gabrielle Luoma, CEO and Owner of ModVentures LLC premier accounting and advisory firm experienced a growth of over 88% in ranking keywords only three months:

Currently ranking top 10 for local accounting services on Google

Experienced an 88% growth in ranking keywords

Over the six months had an increase of 33% in organic traffic

Booked a $7k client that found her from Google!

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Client Results

A straightforward website performance report 

Signature SEO Strategy Service Packages 

My holistic optimization strategy begins with a thorough audit of your site. I’ll roll up my sleeves and dive into your site’s Analytics, locating any foundational errors on the back-end and positioning errors on the front-end that are holding you back from that coveted first SERP (search engine results page). 

I'll complete a complete website analysis to determine your current performance & user experience.

Keyword Research Report

You’ll get a list of suggested industry keywords to disperse throughout your site copy.

Competitive Analysis

I’ll zero in on what content is already saturating the market, where the gaps are, and how to bridge them so you stand out.

Backlink Building Strategy

Backlinks – or links from outside sites that lead back to yours – tell Google that your content is worth endorsing publicly.

Optimization Action Plan & Content Strategy

You’ll also get a Loom video explaining the findings on recommendations to help Google will show your website to more ideal clients.

Audit Only: $1,297

SEO Audit & Strategy

You'll get:

Post Support

To be sure you feel 100% confident with ongoing SEO efforts, you have 10 days of support once I am finished.

Audit + Optimization: Starts at $1,647

Payment plans available

Let’s Make Your Site an Evergreen Growth Machine 

You’ll receive a checklist of all the things I’ll need from you to gain access to audit your site (don’t worry, it’s a very straightforward process). 


Here’s what’ll happen when you book your website SEO audit:

I’ll start analyzing your site and where it stands against the top 10 critical SEO ranking factors that most people don’t know to look for.


You’ll get your comprehensive report that shows: what the audit revealed, what keywords you should use, what your competitors are and aren’t doing, and the strategy that puts all this information into a contextual roadmap up Google’s ranks.


We've got answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect results? 

SEO is a long-term strategy and while some can see sooner results, 4-6 months is what we usually suggest. Each business will vary in results.

Will I be #1 on Google?

Anyone who guarantees their services will land you the #1 Google spot is just after your money. No one can guarantee with absolute certainty that you will rank #1. What we can guarantee is that, when you work with us, you’ll get a holistic strategy employing all applicable SEO best practices to give you your best chance at showing up as the solution for people looking for what you offer. 

Do you offer ongoing SEO Services? 

Yes! However, if I didn’t design your site, we’ll need to do an audit in order to offer this service. This way we’ll know exactly what’s going on with your site, which is crucial for us to offer effective guidance. 

Can you optimize my website for me? 

Yes! See the Audit + Optimization Package.