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Brand Strategist. Certified Showit Website Designer. SEO Specialist. 

Your Go-To

Brand Strategist. Certified Showit Website Designer. SEO Specialist. 

Your Go-To

Brand Strategist. Certified Showit Website Designer. SEO Specialist. 

Your Go-To

Your brand is the story behind your business.

That’s why we don’t just make your website pretty. Our holistic approach is multidimensional: we dig down to your business roots, uncover what sets you apart, and leverage that to plant the strategy that, like a flourishing garden, will grow into the iconic brand you pictured when you started it.

In other words: we take your vision, package it up in a visual design that effectively reflects what makes you great, and strategically position it in a way that wins over your audience. 

Discover what your brand could be 

We’re on a mission to position you as the expert you already are, long before you’ve walked into the room.  

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Hey I’m Kelli!

By trade, I’m a certified Showit Design Partner and SEO Specialist for more than 10 years. But I’m more than that: at my core, I’m a Brand Visibility Strategist. 

An effective brand goes much deeper than logos and color palettes. I dig into the heart of what sets you apart and figure out how you can leverage that to strike chords in the hearts of your dream clients (and make booking with you a no brainer).  

My holistic approach fosters sustainable inbound growth using white hat SEO to get your message in front of your audience, and intentional luxury design to draw them into your world (and keep them there!).

mompreneur, creative, and lover of fine wine

Recent Transformations

Client Spotlight

Nikki B. with At Home With Nikki

About the project:

Nikki had a beautiful brand and website. But she felt like it was no longer in alignment with the direction of where her business was headed. She wanted to create a new visual brand that connected to her purpose. Nikki wanted to enhance the experience of her website so that it had a more natural journey to her services and digital products. In addition to this, we provided her with a marketing plan to help her with reaching her next-level goals.


"I had such a wonderful experience with Kelli! They systems she has in place keep the process easy and "user friendly". My website turned out BEAUTIFULLY. She took everything I said I wanted and created something amazing!"


“You completed the site quickly and gave great communication throughout the process. You were very prompt and professional in your communications with me. Offered great help even after the project was completed. Thank you” 


"...Kelli was very attentive and I felt cared for. From the first interaction I had with her, I knew I was in good hands! I cannot recommend working with her enough. Thanks again, Kelli!!"

Let's Use Branding To Sell Your Offers Effortlessly!

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Determine how to use your website to turn more visitors into buyers.

Evaluate your current marketing efforts to determine how to increase visibility.

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