While social media platforms typically have the focus when planning your marketing, depending on your area of expertise and comfortability level it might be easier for you to focus on the type of social media marketing you use. Types of social media marketing refers to the actual type of content you create vs. the platform you share it on. For example, static images and video content are two different types of social media marketing. 

Some forms of marketing are available across most, if not all social media platforms while others are specific only to a few – or even just one (think twitter’s quick response community/social media blend). Establishing the TYPE of social media content you’re comfortable creating is the first step in finding the platforms that are best for you and your business.

What Types of Social Media Marketing Are There?

There are a total of five main types of marketing on social media reaching across hundreds of social media platforms – although we will only give examples of the most popular that they’re available on:

#1: Social Audio

Social audio marketing refers to platforms and content that solely focuses on delivering your message/information via voice, whether live or recorded. This type is not accompanied by video, although it may include an album cover or event cover.

Examples include podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Clubhouse Meetings & Events

#2: Video 

Video marketing comes in two main categories: short-form and long-form. Short-form video refers to video content that ranges from 3 seconds to around three-minutes while long-form video can last up to a couple of hours. 

Examples of short-form video include Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. Examples of long-form video include YouTube, Instagram TV (now just video-uploads), and Facebook TV.

#3: Live-Streaming

Marketing your business via live-streaming is exactly what it sounds like, it’s live-stream video content. Live streaming means that everything is happening real time – from your actions to your followers/community members’ questions. This is a great way to really interact with your audience, but is not comfortable for all business owners.

Examples of live-streaming include Facebook Live, Instagram Lives, Tiktok Lives, etc

#4. Online Communities

An alternative to live-streaming, communities thrive on active members and your interaction. Communities are typically a condensed group of your audience that have gathered together in one space to learn or simply interact more with you and other audience members. It allows live-time response/interactions without going live on video.

Examples of online communities include Discord, Slack, Facebook groups, & Twitter.

#5. Static Images

The most common and basic form of content is static images. This is the traditional graphic or photo that you share across multiple platforms to promote your upcoming offers, events, or simply share information that could be valuable to your audience. 

Examples include Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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