Marrying SEO and Branding for the Best Brand Visibility Strategy

Is your branding enough to get you noticed? Business owners often neglect the importance brand visibility has on their growth. If you have weak, boring, or otherwise ineffective branding, people aren’t going to give you the time of day. 

Your branding strategy influences two core aspects of your business: SEO strategy and website design. Successful SEO strategies and organic traffic hinge on the effectiveness of your branding. Website optimization stems from your brand positioning and SEO. These three aspects are integral for advertising your business and growing an audience, and none of them will work without the other two.  

When your business has no clear direction, it’s impossible to create an SEO strategy that will build an audience. Brand positioning is truly the foundation for your business, so it’s vital to have a brand identity to reach your target audience. SEO, branding, and web design all work together to create a high-converting website and unique brand identity. 

Why is Brand Visibility Important? 

Branding is everything your business represents, such as your services, values, mission statement, etc. Brand visibility refers to your audience being aware your business exists and what you offer. More specifically, it’s how much recognition your brand has compared to others in the field. Brand visibility is a significant metric for every business, especially for small, online, or service-based ones. This metric impacts your share of search, which is the volume of search queries for your business in proportion to the search queries for other businesses in that sector. 

A brand visibility strategy builds credibility and increases consumer trust in your business and services. Boosting positive perceptions of your business will strengthen your SEO strategy. As more people visit your website, it will rank higher on search engines for specific keywords. You will also get more leads and clients!

Marrying SEO & Branding

How SEO Plays a Role in Brand Visibility

SEO is all about getting your website in front of the right people. Once you know what your customers are searching for and how they’re searching for it, you’ll be able to develop an effective strategy. An SEO strategy that truly represents your brand will increase your website’s organic traffic and brand visibility, allowing you to acquire a larger audience. 

Websites without effective SEO optimization lack searchability and presence and are unlikely to gain organic traffic over time. Implementing SEO optimization strategies like backlinks and faster loading times will improve your chances of being indexed by Google. The more you’re indexed, the higher your website ranks on Google. Optimizing your SEO will not only boost brand visibility, but it will also bring in quality leads and new clients.

When you have and implement an SEO strategy, you will start to see these benefits:

  • More traffic to your website. 
  • Higher engagement rates from your audience and website visitors.
  • Increased organic discovery and growth rates. 
  • Greater business credibility from search engines and consumers.

If you haven’t created a viable SEO strategy, you’re leaving a lot of potential growth on the table. Focusing on SEO is the way to gain a loyal audience over time and maximize your brand visibility. 

Branding + Web Design

When people think of branding, they think of the fonts, colors, and logos associated with a business. It’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing website, but much more thought and strategy need to go into translating your branding into website design to convert leads. 

Your website itself plays a major role in the effectiveness of your branding. Quality website designs provide a seamless user experience while incorporating all the visual aspects of a brand. Remember that most customers use your website to form their first impressions of you! Clunky and impractical designs fail to provide value and convert leads. 

Without a strong brand identity, your website won’t impress an audience or convince them your business is the best fit for their needs. If your brand is old, outdated, or no longer aligns with your business values, it’s time for a refresh

While you’re figuring out your brand, don’t be afraid to add some flair! Brand personality contributes to visibility because it makes those long-lasting impressions on your audience. 

The Best Brand Visibility Strategy

Everything Works Together

SEO, branding, and web design: you need all three to get the brand visibility you want. One can’t be good without the other. For example, a web page that isn’t SEO-optimized will never reach your ideal customer. If you have weak branding, you can’t create an effective SEO strategy or website design that truly represents your brand.

Your SEO and web design need to coordinate. Your branding is the foundation that guides your website design, but you have to optimize your website for SEO to attract and retain organic traffic. If one of the three is lacking, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to serve your target customers. 

If you aren’t well-versed in these concepts, it can be hard to know if you’re doing everything right. Luckily, you won’t have to search for an expert that specializes in all three; it’s what I do best! I’m a brand visibility strategist that loves to help businesses with their branding strategy and SEO marketing. Let’s work together! Fill out this contact form to book a discovery call with me today. 

About Âme Creatives

I’m a Showit Design Partner and SEO expert who specializes in crafting websites and branding for you: the successful female entrepreneur who is crushing business goals…but doesn’t have the branding or website to match. I’m an expert at being able to create a beautiful brand that fully represents YOU. Ready to work together? Send me a message!

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