Lisa from the Corporate Side Hustler wasn’t originally looking for a website or even a rebrand – but after participating in our free brand refresh challenge, she realized that there was more to it than just a logo and some colors and decided to take a deeper look into the journey she was providing to her potential clients.

After a consultation with Âme Creatives, Lisa felt that her messaging was clearer and decided that although she initially didn’t believe she needed one, decided that having a website would be beneficial to her business. And it made a difference. Lisa even experienced 70% more sales than her initial launch last year on her pre-existing offer! Here is her journey:

Getting Started with Lisa’s Rebrand 

Lisa first started with the brand refresh challenge and decided to take it further with a Brand Strategy session. During our session, we discussed the current journey that her potential and current clients experience versus the journey she wanted them to experience. We managed to nail down her branding and clear up some of her messaging for a smoother transition from inquiry to client. 

In addition to nailing down her branding, we focused on developing a Presentation Deck template for her to use for her speaking engagements. Lastly, we worked on creating a landing page for her latest high-ticket offer.

About Lisa & The Corporate Side Hustler

Lisa from The Corporate Side Hustler is a mom, a wife, and a business owner. While she’s busy “juggling all the things” she’s also creating the options she needs without sacrificing her time. Right now, she’s a social media manager helping her clients nurture their audience the right way, attract the right people, and convert to one of the 3-C’s. You can learn more about Lisa and her business and how she got started here.

The Results of Rebranding The Corporate Hustler

While the actual rebranding and the process they are experiencing is fun, I’m sure you’re interested in what the rebranding did for Lisa’s business – and continues to do. After the rebrand, an increase in sales from her pre-existing offer is not the only thing that happened (70% more sales than when she originally launched it), she also:

  • Booked 4 Speaking Gigs in the within 30 Days
  • Booked 3 New Clients into her New High-Ticket Program Within 30 Days

And, of course, Lisa left her own review and thoughts on the process: “Within an hour I was hooked. I realized it was not just about the logo, fonts, and colors. It was about having a space for my audience to experience a journey.” 

Ready to rebrand your business? Check out our branding services and what we can do for your business today.

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