Reflecting on 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023

With the busiest season of the year upon us, it’s important to step back and create time for reflection. Reflecting on your personal life and business ventures allows you to recognize how much you’ve achieved in the past year. As I look back on 2022, I wanted to share my gratitude, insights, and exciting news for my business. 

2022 Achievements

I’m not one to brag about myself. In fact, it’s very uncomfortable for me to do so. But I do want to share some exciting things I’ve achieved with my business this year. 

I’ve been able to serve more business owners by launching SEO services. Before I offered SEO services, most of my work focused on business branding and website design. As I searched for ways to make my web design more effective for my clients, I realized offering SEO and incorporating it into my design would increase my client’s organic growth potential and heighten their online visibility. 

In 2022, I fully integrated SEO into my offering suite. Some of my services include SEO audits, creating keyword and link-building strategies, and offering suggestions for SEO improvements. I’m happy to deliver a customized SEO content strategy that reflects the scope of your business and results in increased visibility, leads, and sales. 

One of the most important things you can do for your business’s success is to analyze your website design and current SEO strategy. If you’re considering a New Year’s refresh, I offer a wide range of website design and SEO support services for all your business branding and content needs. 

reflecting and gratitude

Showing Gratitude in Business

I believe gratitude is a meaningful practice in your personal and business life. My top priority is to ensure my clients are happy, so I strive to deliver a positive experience. Client satisfaction with my work is important to me, which is why I offer customized branding, web design, and SEO strategies. Your business is unique, and your content strategy should reflect that.

With this in mind, I send thank-you notes to clients after completing my work. Handing off your business to someone else can be nerve-wracking, and I want to thank my clients for trusting me with a small portion of their business. Expressing thankfulness is a crucial value to me, and I want to communicate that by letting my clients know I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with them. 

I also want to show gratitude to those who contribute to my business, including my family, friends, and colleagues. Without their encouragement and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. If you have someone who consistently supports you and your business, take the time to send them a thank-you, a special note, or a gift. They will appreciate that you recognize their work and support!

reflecting on 2022

Looking Forward to 2023

The new year is a time for opportunities, and I can’t wait to see what it holds for my business! In 2023, I am looking forward to creating a more unified business structure focusing on clients and results. This includes aligning offerings and services to create a more meaningful experience for my clients and help their businesses make an impact. 

Some exciting things are coming up this year! I am SO excited to launch my SEO course, which will outline the basics and best practices of SEO. SEO is an essential skill set for entrepreneurs to understand, and I want people to be able to use this knowledge to their advantage. If you need SEO services, check back soon! I’ll be soft-launching some more SEO services in the future, and I’ve planned an official full launch in January.

I will also launch a resource for service providers to reach their next-level goals while maintaining boundaries. Sticking to your boundaries in business can be difficult since you’re probably working with many people from clients to contractors. My goals for this resource are to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, deliver results, and create mindfulness around their personal and business boundaries. 

Lastly, I am excited to change some things with The Soulful Brand! How I show up will be different. How I deliver content will be different. 2023 will be the time I truly reconnect with my values and lead with them in everything I do.

I am celebrating the holidays and taking some much-needed time to pause, reflect, and restart a few things in my business. In the past, I’ve taken TWO unplugged vacations, where I didn’t check my emails, messages, or notifications. I already have another one planned! Fully stepping away from the day-to-day in my business has allowed me to start reflecting on what I love, how I can improve in the future, and what I’m grateful for. 

As I look back on 2022, the thankfulness I feel for my business is immense. I’m so grateful to be doing what I do! I’m very excited about the New Year and what it has in store for my personal and business growth. I hope sharing my reflection and goals has encouraged you to do the same! If you have a few business goals to share, drop a comment below or visit my Instagram and Facebook to chat!

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