One of the ways your brand attracts your ideal client is through your colors – but, what’s the strategy? It’s time to skip over the most obvious answer (using your favorite colors or colors you picked from your competitors) and think about the colors you need to use.

And before you get stressed out over whether this decision is forever, I’ll go ahead and answer the main question – It’s false. You do NOT have to use the same brand colors forever. Here’s why:

What is a Brand Color or Brand Color Palette?

Before we get started, let’s take a look at what your brand colors or brand color palette is. When establishing your branding, you’ll typically have five to ten colors that make up your brand color palette. 

These colors are typically used to create your logo, website design, and other aspects of your business design and packaging to help with brand recognition and audience connection. Now, let’s discover why you might change your original colors.

Your Brand is Going to Grow

It may not seem like it now, but your brand will grow – and so will you. 

Your branding is meant to attract your ideal client and convey your brand message to viewers, but what happens when your ideal client changes or your business evolves? You need to change your branding accordingly.

This is NOT always the case. Your branding might fit the new you more than it used to, yet you could experience the opposite. Your old colors might not be aligned with your new brand leaving a disconnect between you and your potential clients. 

Brand colors hold more influence than you think, they’re the first impression left by your business. They connect with the viewer’s emotions, thoughts, and more.

It’s Okay for Your Brand Colors to Change

It is perfectly okay and even expected for your colors to change. As I mentioned before, you are going to change, your business is going to change, your target audience might change. Everything is constantly changing and it’s up to you to make sure your branding and business are adapting.

This doesn’t mean you should change it every day or every year which would end up hurting your brand. But, a change every few years wouldn’t hurt. Lisa with @livelauchwithlisa is a good example of changing up your colors. She recognized that her current brand colors were no longer aligned with her business and reached out for help. If you no longer feel aligned with your branding and want to make a change, reach out to me through my contact form and let’s get started!

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