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A Week In The Life Of A Showit Website Designer

Showit Website Designer

What you might not know about me is that outside of being a Showit website designer, I’m a mom and a wife. While they inspire me and support me in all I do, it also has a leading effect on my weekly schedule as I navigate through balancing my work life and my personal life. I try my best not to mix the two together – especially on the weekends – but sometimes running your own business gets busy, and the tasks spill over into a few late nights.

Outside of those rare occasions, I like to keep a relative schedule of how my week looks and to some extent, how my days as a Showit website designer are spent. You might be surprised, but managing my work the way I do is what has led to the growth and place my business is today. Here’s what a week in my life as a Showit Website Designer looks like:

Mondays & Tuesdays

Mondays and Tuesdays the days I schedule all my client calls. I start the day by taking my youngest to daycare and once I’m back, I get my oldest prepared for homeschooling. We do the lessons together and then while I’m on calls she has her classwork to do. After client calls, if there is still time left, I work on client projects. 

I’m able to keep a balance by only taking on a certain amount of projects and clients at one time, this keeps them at different phases of the design process and allows me to focus without overwhelming myself. 

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to working on client projects – including Showit website designs. But, that’s not all I do. Client work can look like on-boarding, receiving/delivering feedback on the project, checking in with clients for assets, and even working with maintenance clients to update/upkeep their current websites.


Fridays are “Fun Fridays” for me and the girls. While I typically start the day by doing CEO and backend stuff for my own business and work on some client things as needed, the rest of the day is for my girls. Each Friday we do something fun together! We have a bucket list and calendar that we use to plan out our adventures for the day.

This is one of my favorite benefits of being a Showit website designer, being able to set my own working hours. It’s what allows me to take these fun Fridays with my daughters – something that we will all remember and cherish as they grow older.

The Weekends

Weekends are off-limits for work – or, at least, most of the time. Sometimes when preparing for vacations or if we’ve fallen sick during the week I take some time during the weekend to catch up before the next week. Otherwise, weekends are for family adventures and date nights with my husband.

I always try my best to keep my weekends work-free, this helps me keep a good work-life balance and prevents me from diving headfirst into just work and missing out on family time – one of the main reasons I decided to work from home.

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