Woohoo! Âme Creatives is officially a Showit Design Partner! But, what does that mean? It means that Âme Creatives passed quality expectations for both designs and customer service – part of this process is creating SEO-friendly websites for clients. 

Unlike some quick-process certifications found online, becoming a Showit Design Partner takes time (and proof) that your websites are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and make your clients happy.

Being a Certified Showit Designer was a goal that I set to achieve since creating on the platform, and with this new accomplishment, I feel that it provides my clients with confidence that I can help them achieve their goals and establish their presence online – in the way THEY want and in a way their client NEEDS. 

What is Showit?

Showit is a drag and drop website builder designed for creative entrepreneurs. The platform allows you to showcase your portfolios, write blog posts, and essentially customize it for every aspect of your business – making it the perfect candidate for your website as a small business owner. 

A Showit site is known for its ease of use and design elements, and it’s all around ability to implement your website strategy. Whether you’re a wedding professional, social media marketer, or even a professional dancer – Showit can offer a website and design style that showcases your custom branding and elevates your online presence.

Why Showit?

In 2021, I applied to be a Showit Design Partner after realizing how much of a game-changer the platform was. I was now able to:

  • Design a website without the limitations and tons of coding that made other platforms complicated post-production
  • Introduce clients to a platform where they felt confident and comfortable making changes on their own
  • Provide a website on an SEO-friendly platform that would help them achieve their goals for their business
  • Offer easy integrations for my clients favorite platforms and tools including email signup forms, live chats, and more
  • Give a great client experience throughout the entire design process, including after project completion and website launch

After verifying that I was in line with their (Showit) qualifications & program requirements, I’m proud to say that it’s official – I’m a certified Showit Design Partner. Next step, becoming Showit Designer of the year!

How Do You Become a Showit Design Partner?

I mentioned this in the introduction, but I want to say this again: Not everyone is approved to be a Showit Design Partner, and design is not the ONLY factor. In fact, there are thousands of Showit designers online – but only a few get the honor of becoming a Showit Design Partner.

Showit is pretty strict on who they accept, and those that are accepted must go through a lengthy process of showing your design portfolio, website performance, and providing social proof that your business provides quality customer service. You’re even required to take and pass their Design Market Standards Course and continue to contribute to sites built on the Showit platform.

Here are some of Âme Creatives past client reviews that proved to Showit that I deserved to be a part of their program:

“I love Kelli’s creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into website design. She really captured my vision and executed it beautifully. I’ve already recommended her to others.”

“Kelli is great at what she does but also very professional and friendly. I was always comfortable reaching out to her with questions. Her work is beautiful too.”  

“She listens, is creative and genuinely wants to help you success in cultivating your brand” 

“Kelli is creative and highly knowledgeable with Showit”

“100% pleased! She exceeded my expectations and I recommend her all the time!”

“I really liked how Kelli helped me to understand how to use ShowIt so that if I need to make small changes to my website, I can do it myself. She also was able to not only make it beautiful but perfectly functional! I was so impressed with how she was able to take my vision for the client experience and make it collaborate with my other platforms (like Dubsado) to make things clear and professional for my potential clients and save me time on my end!”

“I actually have referred her to 3-4 people because I was so happy with the process and the final results of my website. I am so proud to SHOW IT off! Haha!”

If you want to learn more about the amazing customer service we offer, take a look at some of the most prominent projects in my portfolio. Additionally, you can view specific projects and their performance post-launch by viewing the journey of a pediatric sleep consultant and chief systems officer.

Get a New Customized Website for Your Brand

Working with a Showit website designer is the next step in creating the website of your dreams. Whether you’re interested in developing a new website for your brand or rebranding your business and launching a new website – Showit could be the solution you’re looking for. 

Here at Âme Creatives, we offer strategic Showit website design and brand strategy. We take the extra step to ensure that you’re equipped with the best tools possible to show-up in front of your audience and attract your dream clients. With a customized Showit website for your brand, your clients will experience a seamless journey from discovery to booking. 

With all website design and development, Âme Creatives includes SEO or search engine optimization. We ensure that your website is up to Google’s standards to give you the best chance at ranking #1 for your targeted keywords.

Shop Showit Design Website Templates

Showit design website templates are the DIY method of launching your new Showit website. Showit offers free website templates in their own library, but you can typically shop Showit templates from your favorite designers to find one that aligns with your brand and business. Since Showit is such a user-friendly website builder, Showit website templates are perfect for new small businesses that are looking to launch their very first website. 

For conversion purposes, I do recommend finding a Showit template that was designed with your business in mind.

When you chose a template designed with your business in mind, you’ll have more tools readily available to customize and utilize for your business – vs. having to build out pages to suit your services. You’ll also be more likely to actually connect with your audience and establish your SEO.

You can shop our full collection of Showit website templates in our Template Shop.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level Using Showit

Showit is an amazing platform to take your business to the next level – it’s easy to maintain, SEO-friendly, has quick customer service, and new features are being launched constantly. 

As a Showit Design Partner, I will be using this opportunity to continue to create strategic, SEO, and mobile-friendly websites to help you achieve your goals for 2022! If you’re ready to get started with a Custom Showit Website Design or The Soulful Brand, reach out to me using our contact form here. Not able to invest in a custom website? Take your service-based business to the next level using a niche-specific template launching in February. Our Showit templates are designed to help your content convert to clients through functional and strategic design specific to your audience!

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