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Showit vs. WordPress: Which Should You Choose for Your Online Business?

Here’s a fun fact, WordPress and Showit are VERY similar – almost to the point where you could consider them the same thing. The best way to compare them is to think about Showit as an installed theme, similar to Astra or Elementor. Of course, they DO have noticeable differences, which is why you have to consider Showit vs. WordPress for your online business. 

As a designer, I’ve worked with quite a few website development platforms – including Squarespace, Shopify, Showit, WordPress, Square… You name it, I’ve probably built out a website on it! With all my experience, I’ve narrowed it down to a few platforms I love working on – and both WordPress and Showit make the list!

Honestly, no matter WHICH way you choose to go, your website is in a good place. Which platform is best for you breaks down to your personal needs, what stage your business is in, and what type of project it is (are you switching platforms, building out your site for the first time, launching an additional website, etc.). Here are a few reasons you might want to consider Showit over WordPress:

Reasons You Might Choose Showit over Classic WordPress:

The simple answer of why you might choose Showit over using a classic wordpress website is its user-friendly platform and lack of coding for seamless customization. Other reasons might include:

  • Built-in hosting: You don’t have to partner with (or figure out) a hosting company to work with – Showit includes free hosting with every website.
  • Easy SEO Optimization: SEO is a focus for most online businesses looking to make the most of their websites. Showit makes all their SEO features easily accessible for users. You can read more about utilizing Showit SEO here.
  • Perfect for Beginners, or non-tech savvy business owners. Showit is a SUPER easy to learn platform, even for beginners who don’t know anything about building, or customizing websites. 
  • Drag-n-Drop Designs: You can build a fully customized website WITHOUT coding, all their features/elements are drag-n-drop. Plus, their platform makes choosing which elements you’re editing quick and simple.
  • Unique Template Designs: If you’re not interested in building out your website on your own, you can choose from a Showit template designed by certified Showit Design Partners. As a newer platform, there are less “overused” designs and more unique templates that suit your niche.
  • Access to WordPress. As a Showit user, you STILL have access to a powerful WordPress blog and even some of the WordPress plugins.

Which is Right for You? Showit or WordPress

Both platforms offer similar usability and performance for business owners – the main difference being how independently a business can build their website. Of course, there are a few other factors to consider such as if you focus on eCommerce or what your budget is. The easiest way is to start with Showit and go from there. Since Showit doesn’t require outside hosting, you can essentially set up your website with zero commitment using their free 30-day trial or try out their features using their website demo program.