Are you a photographer looking to optimize your website, boost organic growth, and book more clients? There’s one thing you need to do: Start posting blogs. Having a blog on your website and consistently creating these posts helps your brand stay relevant and builds your online authority. Blog ideas for photographers aren’t hard to come up with, either! Using your experiences and portfolio, you can create a great deal of intriguing and engaging content. If you’re unsure where to start, keep reading to see some blog ideas for photographers I’ve curated!

Why Blogs Are Important For Photographers

Are you wondering why a profession revolving around photos needs written work? It all boils down to keeping your business relevant. Search engine algorithms reward content-rich websites with higher rankings for search inquiries. Ranking on a search engine means your website will display higher on the results list. You want to rank higher because more people will see your website when they search for content related to photography. The more people that engage on your website inform the search engine that your content fits the search inquiry so it will recommend your website again in the future. 

Blog content on your website creates opportunities to incorporate relevant keywords into your copy. Keywords are what customers will type in the search bar. The search engine will prioritize showing websites containing relevant keywords, so it’s crucial to identify 2-3 main keywords for every blog post to have a higher chance of ranking.  

blog ideas for photographers

On the topic of keywords, blogs can help build your local SEO business opportunities. Using location-specific keywords in your content is helpful for local customers searching for your services. Location-specific keywords follow the same logic as other keywords; if a user searches a keyword, clicks on your website, and engages with your content, then your website is rewarded with higher search rankings. 

If this talk about photography SEO and keywords intimidates you, there’s no need! I’m here to help you take the confusion out of SEO and make the most of your website and brand. Contact me to chat about how incorporating SEO in your blogs can help drive more leads! 

Blog posts aren’t just about adding more content to your website for content’s sake. Blog posts can show off your work, explain your process, and highlight your portfolio. Your photography is the main value driver for your audience, but giving them more context and content solidifies their decision to work with you! More information on you and your services educates your audience and builds credibility and authority, which leads to good reviews and potential customers. 

20 Blog Ideas for Photographers

1. Case Study 

A photography case study presents a situation you faced, the actions you took, and the result. Be sure to provide background information and context so your reader fully understands the situation. Reflecting on your experiences informs your readers about how you go about your work. Also, it provides insights into how you approach meeting client needs. Use case studies to engage with your audience and ask how they would have handled the situation.  

2. Printed vs. Digital Photo Albums (pros/cons) 

The world of photography is highly technical and specialized, and it takes a lot of knowledge to deliver the best results to clients. If you sell printed or digital photo albums, this blog topic is a great way to promote your products. 

3. Your process for photoshoots

Every great photographer has a step-by-step process to achieve the results they want. You don’t have to share every detail, but it helps potential clients know what to expect if they work with you.

blog ideas for photographers

4. How to prep for a photoshoot

Prepping for photoshoots can be stressful! Make it easier on your clients by sharing how they can best prepare for a photo shoot with you. What do they need to bring, wear, or do during the shoot? 

5. How to find the perfect photographer for you

This is a blog where you promote yourself and your strengths! Share what makes you different from other photographers and convince your audience to contact you. 

6. Trends for the month/year

Trends in the photography industry are constantly changing. Write a post about some of your favorite trends, yearly round-ups of popular trends, or trends to avoid. 

photographers blog

7. City-specific recommendations for photoshoot locations

Use this blog to boost your website’s local SEO. People want to find good photographers (you) and photoshoot locations in their area, and this blog post is a way to promote both. 

8. How to make your clients comfortable during photoshoots 

If you focus on photographing people, share how you make your clients comfortable during photoshoots. Not everyone has modeled for pictures before, and it can be daunting! Sharing your process may influence potential clients to work with you if they know what to expect.

9. Editing tips

People are always interested in how to look better on camera. Share a few of your go-to editing tips for people to use on the ‘gram. You can also mention a few of the best editing tools out there!

photo blog

10. Tips for a stress-free photography session

Photography is a stressful job! It might be inclement weather, a tight deadline, or trying to wrap up the session before the sun sets. Share how you mitigate stress before, during, and after your photoshoot sessions. 

11. How to organize photos for clients on your computer/camera

As a photographer, organization is essential! You need to have some sort of system, especially when you’re in charge of storing important photos for several clients. Share your organization system, technology, and platforms used to manage all your clients. 

12. Outfit/Pose ideas for family pictures/portraits/etc. 

Poses can make or break a photo. Every client wants a photographer to capture their “good side” and make them look good in pictures. Share how you approach posing people and your general advice for posing clients.

13. Tips for shooting (the type of photographs you specialize in)

If you work in a photography niche, share your advice and expertise. For example, if your niche is elopement photography, you could write about “tips for shooting elopement photos.” It never hurts to help out other photographers!

14. Tell a story behind the photos.

Share your experience behind the photos! Integrate a story with images and talk about the event, your thought process, and the ideas you had while shooting. 

blog ideas

15. Show your favorite photos for the year

This is a nice little end-of-the-year wrap-up blog that showcases the photos you’re most proud of. Include a story or excerpts with these photos. You should link to your other blogs and encourage your readers to read the stories in that content as well. 

16. Make an FAQ or Q&A answering your most common questions

You can reuse content from your FAQ and combine it with a Q&A for a cornerstone content blog post. People interested in your services will most likely ask you a couple of common questions, so this blog is the first resource for potential clients to refer to about your services. 

17. Share the equipment and tools you use for your photoshoots 

Talk about the equipment, software, and platforms you use! This blog can help new photographers learn and inform clients about your process. You can easily add photos and links to other blogs as examples of your process. 

18. A step-by-step guide

This blog can discuss how you start work with a client, your photo editing process, or other operations that might provide more insight into how your business functions. 

19. How to feel comfortable in front of a camera

If you photograph people, you know that some might feel camera shy! As the photographer, you know how to make them feel confident through posing and expressions. Sharing how you encourage your clients during photoshoots tells your audience what it’s like working with you.

20. Photography checklists (for photographers and clients) 

Before you head out for that photoshoot, make sure you check everything off your list! Share (or create) a checklist for clients so they know what to expect when they book a photography session with you. 

Creating a blog for your photography business is essential for building your brand, creating client trust, and boosting your website’s ranking and authority. Consistently updating content in the form of blog posts drives more traffic to your site, which improves your website’s search engine rankings. So, don’t be afraid to get out there and write some blogs! 

Do you feel like you don’t have the time or expertise to write blogs about your photography? No need to worry. I love helping businesses optimize their websites and integrating SEO principles to take the stress out of blogging. Ready to get started? Contact me today!

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