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How to Build Your Showit Website in a Week

Showit Website Template

When you’re ready for a website – you’re ready for a website. Sometimes that means you can’t wait 6-12 weeks for a custom built website (or maybe it’s not in the budget) and need something a little quicker. Showit is the perfect place to start when you need a website that’s quick and easy to utilize for your business. Here’s how to build your Showit website in a week – 

Identify How Your Business Functions

[Day 1]

For example, are you a marketer, VA, service provider? Or maybe you’re a coach or consultant – or, going even farther, are you niched into your field, like a doula or sleep consultant? Knowing what your business offers, how you offer it, who you offer it to, and your personal style will help you choose the right direction for your website.

You want your website to be high-converting, meaning you’ll see a higher level of conversions than a standard website. This typically comes from designing a website specific for your offers or niche, but when that’s not possible, you need to…

Choose a Template Designed for Your Business

[Day 2] 

Unlike most designers and template shops, Âme Creatives offers a template shop with Showit templates specifically for your business. As of right now, we offer three main templates:

When you build a Showit website in a week, choosing the right template to work from can either save you time – or cause you to spend more time editing and adjusting until it’s quite right. This is why I suggest taking a day to comb through your options and choose one that is best for you and your business.

Matching Your Showit Template to Your Brand

[Day 3]

Here’s how you’re going to match your Showit template to your brand in only a day: You utilize Showit’s branding tools! Showit offers an easy to use section labeled “Design Settings” in their  backend where you can essentially plug n’ play your branding across your new site.

Screenshot of Showit Website backend of design settings to help edit your Showit template

In your design settings, you can upload and swap to your brand colors, brand fonts, text styles and sizes, and more. After swapping to your branding, take a look at your template and make slight adjustments where needed (such as swapping to a script font where it was originally type).

Swap Your Images & Add Your Copy

[Day 4-5]

This is the most time consuming part of adjusting your new website to match your business, plugging in your images and copy. Luckily, text is easily editable in your Showit backend and images can be swapped by using the right side dashboard.

Give Your New Website a Final Look

[Day 6]

You’ve plugged in your copy, your images, your branding, and now you’re ready for a final look over your website to make sure everything is exactly what (and where) you want. This is also when you want to connect any outside apps with your website, such as your Instagram feed or separate contact forms. 

Do not skip this step. Yes, you’ll most likely find small errors after launching your website, but a final look prevents most noticeable errors. This allows your website to look professional and clean when users first visit.

Launch Your Website!

[Day 7]

WOOHOO! YOU’VE OFFICIALLY BUILT YOUR SHOWIT WEBSITE IN A WEEK! Congratulations on taking this next step in your business – and to all the clients & sales that come. Day 7, the final day in the week, is dedicated to officially publishing your new website and promoting it to your audience. It’s when you’re able to show off all the hard work you did and the final results!

Don’t forget to tag us @amecreatives on IG during your launch so we can help share (and show-off) your new site!