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How to Identify Your Brand’s Core Values

How to Identify and Define your Brand’s Core Values education article by Amé Creatives

Who wants homework? No, seriously – raise your hands high! If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you don’t know what a core value is or what your brand’s core values are… but, luckily, there’s an easy solution.

Today, I’m on a mission to help you identify and clearly define your brand’s core values so that you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. First, let’s start with defining a core value.

What are Brand Core Values?

As defined by Brandfolder, your core values are “the beliefs that you, as a company, stand for. They serve as the compass that guides your brand story, actions, behaviors, and decision-making process.”

Your core values shine through in the messaging you chose, your copy, your logo, and even the fonts and colors you use. All these elements deliver the same idea – what your company stands for. 

Discover how aligning design with your core values can help convert by reading this quick case study about my past client, Nights & Naps Pediatric Sleep Consulting.

Identifying your brand’s core values will also help you make decisions about your next steps such as new projects, products, and services as well as how you choose to market them. 

But, how do you define your brand’s core values? Here’s what you need to do:

3 Easy Steps to Define Your Brand’s Core Values

Are you ready to get started? Grab a pen and paper – or pull up your favorite note-taking app – and get ready to determine what you and your brand stands for using these three easy steps:

Step #1: Think about what you WANT to be known for.

Take a few minutes to identify what you want to be known for and not what you’re necessarily already known for. Talk to your team, or, if you’re a solopreneur, talk to other business owners you’re close with, your spouse, or close friends. 

It is best to make this as collaborative as possible.

Step #2: Look at what you’re doing NOW.

What are you currently doing in your business? Are you working to serve others? What is a common factor you recognize in your current projects? Take a step back and look at what you are currently doing in your business and what you’re offering and jot down why it is important to you.

Step #3: Identify the NEGATIVE experiences.

Think about the consumer and client-side of your industry. What are some of the negative experiences that you hear about? Take a moment and determine how your business will make sure your clients and customers don’t experience that with you.

Did you accept this assignment? Fill out our contact form if you’re ready to elevate your brand and align your business with your core values: Contact us here!