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Is Showit Good for SEO?

Is Showit Good for SEO?

Showit is a website hosting service and platform that is rapidly growing in popularity in the online business world thanks to its user-friendliness and unique drag-and-drop design. Beyond design and user experience, business owners have more to focus on – such as ROI, traffic and conversion analytics, and long-term marketing capabilities. Many service providers are led to ask themselves if Showit can maintain top performance levels while allowing them to invest in resources that can build brand authority, like SEO.

Is Showit good for SEO? Yes. Showit is one of the top platforms for SEO as a service provider and solo entrepreneur. With easy access to Showit SEO settings for technical SEO and the ability to integrate a WordPress blog for content SEO, using SEO best practices and establishing an SEO-friendly website is easier than you think.

So, how do you make your Showit website – or build a Showit website – for your online business that is SEO-friendly? Here are the ways (and reasons) Showit is good for your SEO website.

How is Showit SEO-Friendly?

Showit has many easy-to-access features in its website builder that make SEO simple. From their ability to add meta descriptions and SEO-friendly page titles with auto-generated page URLs as you’re building out your website to the easy ability to redirect old, broken links to help Google crawl your website. As with all website platforms, optimizing your Showit website for SEO will take some time.

Showit also allows you to clearly tag your content and copy with header tags and link to pages on and off your website. With Showit’s design settings, you can choose your font size and style across your website, making readability adjustments 10x easier than on another platform.

SEO is a time-consuming process including research, strategy, and action. Showit’s platform just makes it a tad bit easier on you as a service provider by keeping your SEO options easy to access and learn. 

How Do You Optimize for SEO on Showit?

The very first thing you need to do is get an SEO audit for your website to determine what changes actually need to be made to make your website SEO-friendly. It’s likely that diving in without an audit could negatively affect your SEO and your current search engine rankings. After learning what current SEO issues exist on your website, you can then choose a course of action. 

Depending on the results of your audit, you may need to simply “clean up” your website by re-optimizing or adding in meta descriptions and clarifying headers, possibly even just tackling a few mobility issues or broken links. Larger issues may require a designer or technical SEO expert to fix for you – even larger issues may be more affordably and accurately fixed through a website re-design, such as major user experience and mobility issues. 

04 Simple Ways to Optimize Your SEO on Showit

Although most major changes and some design changes should wait until the completion of an SEO audit, there are a few adjustments that can benefit your website’s SEO. Here are four simple ways to optimize your SEO on Showit:

  1. Optimize Your Images: Make sure your images have accurate descriptions, and titles, and are not too large. 
  2. Check Your Header Tags: Double-check your header tags on the main pages of your website – are they in order? Are they relevant? Is their sizing correct?
  3. Add Meta Descriptions: Researched meta descriptions will perform best, but making sure you have something there to describe your page will help Google connect it with relevant queries!
  4. Simplify Your URLs: You’ll need to do this one moving forward as changing a URL that already exists may break it. Make use of the SEO title option in Showit SEO settings to keep your titles SEO-friendly and URLs short.

Does Showit Track Performance Analytics?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is tracking your website’s performance – and sadly, Showit doesn’t offer an in-house solution. Luckily, although Showit doesn’t have analytics, Showit does easily integrate with Google’s Performance and Analytics Dashboards. 

Connecting your website to Google’s dashboards is equally important to ensure your website shows up in search results. It’s what tells Google to look at your website and start crawling – and ranking – your pages for relevant search results and queries. Submitting a sitemap for your website is a necessity as well, but is one that is typically handled by your web designer. 

Google’s tag can be added to your Showit’s site header code for tracking and you can link your Google Seach Console to your analytics dashboard for quicker stats when analyzing your metrics. Just remember that SEO can take anywhere from three months to nine months to really see results. 

Will Switching to Showit Boost My SEO?

It could – but switching to any platform and putting effort into an SEO strategy will likely boost your SEO. While Showit is good for SEO and makes SEO easier on you as a business owner whether you decide to work with an SEO expert or not. 

Essentially, Showit makes it easier to improve your SEO and implement a strong SEO strategy no matter what stage your business is in. From having header tags pre-set in their templates to allowing their SEO settings to be easily accessible in your backend, Showit is quickly becoming the go-to for service providers to establish their expertise and build trust through organic marketing strategies like search engine optimization.

If you’re ready to get started with increasing your brand awareness, building brand trust, and expanding your brand’s reach online, reach out to Âme Creatives today.