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Showit vs. Squarespace

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So, you’ve heard of Showit and you’ve heard of Squarespace – but which one is right for you and your successful online business? Squarespace has already created a name for itself as a diverse platform with an easy-to-use backend and app integration while Showit is expanding past being known as a platform “for photographers.”

Your first impression might be to invest in Squarespace (what you might think of as the safer bet), but it’s not that straightforward. Showit is constantly evolving and adding new features – plus, their adaptable platform allows for creating new takes on design, meaning your brand and business can create a unique look to stand out from the virtual crowd.

Here’s what you need to know before choosing between Showit and Squarespace for your online business:


Both Showit and Squarespace are easily customizable but offer different variations. Showit is completely customizable, whether building from scratch or choosing to work from a professional template. Squarespace must be designed from a template, and while this prevents most awkward designs from beginners, it also prevents websites from being truly unique.

Bonus: Mobile Optimization

When choosing a platform for your website, it’s important to consider functionality. Part of functionality is mobile optimization. Squarespace templates are built to automatically convert for mobile, leaving less work for the user but creating an uncomfortable mobile experience in some cases. Showit allows you to customize your mobile experience and – while more time-consuming – creates a better experience for website visitors. 

Monetization: E-Commerce, Digital Products, & Services

Squarespace is an all-in-one, meaning no matter which way you’re monetizing your business, whether via products, digital products, or services, you’ll be able to offer them directly through the platform. Showit requires integration with other platforms to successfully accept transactions. Once again, this is easier (Squarespace), but Showit is more customizable to your needs versus a one-shoe-fits-all.

The Investment

Overall, the actual platform fee for both stay under $30 a month for a small business – the real investment comes when designing/choosing your site. Squarespace and Showit both offer free site templates and paid versions from creators around the globe, like me.  Designer templates run about the same, but it’s much easier for a Showit beginner to adjust/customize their template for their brand and business. 

With custom website designs, Showit can be easily managed and updated by the owner, no need to hire out upkeep (unless you just need the time). Custom Squarespace sites require the designer to manage updates, new pages, and more – typically leading to a monthly retainer. 

Final Thoughts: Showit vs. Squarespace

Personally and professionally, I think Showit is the better option for the long run – unless you’re a heavy product-based business, i.e. thousands of products to manage. Showit offers integrations, customizations, and an easy-to-learn platform that makes running your online business 10x easier and doesn’t require monthly maintenance for a functional and uniquely “you” website. Interested in switching over to (or launching) your website on Showit? Join the waitlist for our upcoming template launch or connect with me directly for a completely personalized, custom built Showit site.