DIYing your website shouldn’t just be for marketers, virtual assistants, or e-commerce shops. As a sleep consultant or doula, you might have noticed a lack of Showit templates that are designed specifically for you. With The Dreamer, the best Showit template for sleep consultants and doulas, you’re getting a template that is designed for high-conversions and developing a trustworthy reputation in your field.

How does it work? As a Showit Designer, I’ve worked with pediatric sleep consultants, doulas, pediatricians, and nurses creating high-converting websites specifically for their line of work. While not all businesses can afford to invest in a custom website when starting out, a template catered towards your niche is the next best thing.

Here’s WHY it works:

A Website Design for Sleep Consultants That Converts

The Dreamer features easy-to-locate menus for quick navigation, a call-to-action directly on the front page, and creates the perfect place to show off your testimonials and encourage your audience to download your lead magnet. Additionally, this Showit website template features a designated location for your accreditations as well as resources you recommend.

You’ll be able to quickly link your social media accounts to both your footer and header, add multi-level or multiple offers, and launch a blog with the ready-to-use blog page.

For Doulas and Sleep Consultants, these features allow you to establish your expertise in a noticeable, yet professional way. With everything easy to see and understand, leads are more likely to convert to clients. For example, did you know that credible testimonials increase buying intent by more than 92%? 

Content Marketing for Sleep Consultants & Doulas

Content marketing is a huge aspect of establishing your website online and establishing your brand as an expert in the field – and building your SEO. While our template is designed to integrate smoothly with your social media accounts, we’ve also pre-built your blog pages to ensure your blog can either transfer to your new website or you can start one!

Showit offers WordPress-hosted blogging with their Blog tier Showit subscription. And, although it is included in the template, it’s not required for use! If you are not ready to launch your blog and want to focus on your main site, you can easily utilize the main pages without hosting a blog.

Clarifying Your Offers to Your Audience

There are two main pages in our Showit website template for sleep consultants and doulas that are designed to promote your offers to your audience, your Resources page and your Services page. 

List your favorite resources on your resources page – whether yours or other creators/businesses you support. You can also provide links to your own resources, both paid and free. Add your opt-ins, free guides, paid printables, and more. 

Your services page is structured in a way to clearly defines your offers to parents looking for help. With large text and white space, you can utilize the three sections to market your services. Link to your own booking or project management service such as Dubsado or Calendly for clients to book their calls and track your leads.

Stand Out From Other Experts 

Yes, The Dreamer is a template so others in your industry MAY purchase it – but the customizations available in Showit’s incredibly user-friendly platform make it highly unlikely that you’ll be duplicating anyone’s website. Plus, we’ll pull the design from the shop after a certain amount of time or sales so your website stays unique and competitive in design. 

What Does Showit Offer for Doulas & Sleep Consultants?

Showit is one of the easiest-to-learn website platforms – meaning you can customize your template after only a few minutes of learning rather than struggling for hours in a website backend. You’ll be able to use the “canvases” provided to edit sections once and have them updated across your website. 

Each website is mobile-friendly and you’re able to “plug n play” your branding in fonts across the site. With Showit, SEO is made easy so you’ll be able to generate long-term organic traffic.

How Does This Showit Website Template Help With SEO?

One of the benefits of launching a new website – and it is one of the best decisions you can make – with a Showit template is that they’re built to boost your SEO. While copy does play a large role in SEO and you’ll need to navigate it separately, a template built by a website designer that specializes in SEO is the perfect step to establishing your online presence. 

Your template is built with the best user experience in mind, along with a client journey that matches your ideal client. With pre-set image placements, text properties, and brand settings you’ll be able to easily add in the final SEO details to create an optimized website.

Beyond your template, your Showit subscription includes SEO benefits making the Showit platform one of the best website builders for small business owners.

Can You Customize Your Showit Template?

The Showit platform is highly recommended for service-based providers and small business owners thanks to its ease of use. Even with little knowledge of web design, you’ll have full creative control over your website and website elements. Showit’s drag-and-drop design abilities make it easy to adjust their templates to fit your needs. 

With Showit, you can customize your template to match your brand. You can utilize Google fonts that are pre-programmed or upload your own custom fonts. With brand settings in their backend, you can quickly swap the pre-set colors in your template to match your personal brand – all across your website at the same time!

Do I Get Any Help With Setting Up My Template?

You can request a Showit template customization if you’re not ready to tackle your template on your own, but we offer a video library with all of the templates. The video library includes instructions on how to customize your new Showit website to your branding, upload images, and integrate your socials. We cover all the essentials to make customizing your website that much easier!

If you can’t find it in the video library, it’s highly likely that we’ve covered the topic on our blog. You can find a plethora of information on Showit in the blog we’ve catered to business owners that are both looking to DIY their website and invest in a custom website for their business. 

Plus, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us using our contact form or connecting with us on social media. We stay active on Instagram, where you can direct message us @AmeCreatives and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible – although our contact form is probably the quickest way!

Why is The Dreamer the Best Showit Template for Sleep Consultants & Doulas?

It’s the only Showit website template designed specifically for sleep consultants and doulas. While The Dreamer Showit Template can be used by any service-based entrepreneur, it’s specifically designed for high-conversions for sleep consultants and doulas – meaning it would not perform as well in other niches. If you’re in another niche, I recommend checking out The Social Club for marketers and VAs or The Minimalist for coaches and consultants.

We make it easy with a Showit template designed for your niche – multiple offers, client testimonials, social media accounts, and all. It’s the easiest way to put your business online with a professional look – you can even have it published in a week!

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