Clarifying Your Message, Ashley’s New Site & Increased Conversions

Not long ago, Ashley, owner of Solution Integrators, reached out to me in search of new branding and a fresh website. While she was thriving in her business, she felt that her message wasn’t clear and that leads were not fully comprehending her services – or what it would do for your business.

After clarifying her needs, we were able to create a clear, concise website and brand that she now feels comfortable and confident in. This allows her to focus on attracting new clients and connecting with current clients rather than explaining her services. Here’s a little background on her business transformation:

Understanding Her Needs & Struggles

Ashley felt that her website and branding were not fully “articulating what I [Ashley] do and why someone should hire me.” She felt that her services are no-brainers for her target market, but became frustrated when leads were unable to fully understand exactly what her service included.

To summarize, we needed a site that would clearly communicate her offers in a way she felt confident in that also attracted potential clients. We tackled this through a brand and website redesign.

Accomplishing Her Goals

According to Ashley, she felt an immediate sense of relief! Her brand voice and messaging became incredibly clear and consistent throughout her business – building both her confidence and clarity when interacting with leads. We were able to clearly communicate and articulate what she does and who she serves, allowing her to build relationships and create more meaningful content.

In her own words, “Kelli just gets it! I struggled for so long trying to come up with the right words to showcase my brand and Kelli was able to quickly put my jumbled thoughts and ideas into a clear and concise brand voice and message, that translated into a DOPE site!!”

Clarifying Your Message
Clarifying Your Message

The Final Results

After the re-launch of her website, Ashley experienced:

  • Confidence in connecting with her audience through her brand voice and messaging 
  • Smother sales call process with incoming leads
  • An increase in leads coming through her website
  • Higher conversion rates 

Her final thoughts on working together:

“Kelli is extremely kind, efficient, and knowledgeable! She made the entire rebrand process exciting and stress-free and helped to bring my vision to life! I’m forever grateful!”

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