A common misconception when it comes to rebranding is that all you need to do is update your brand colors and fonts – and sometimes even swap up your logo – to feel “realigned” with your business. This is actually what we, as brand strategists, consider a brand “refresh” vs. a rebranding. While a refresh is great when you’re not feeling good with a specific color in your palette, a rebrand is what you need to realign after big shifts, establish yourself as an expert, or when you as a business owner feel misaligned with your current brand.

Here’s why you might actually need a rebrand and not a “refresh” for your business:

Why a Brand Refresh is Not the Answer to Your Problems

A brand refresh does not change the structure of your branding – it doesn’t typically alter your messaging, your content pillars, or your audience. It’s very visual and surface level instead of an in-depth shift. These changes are assisting my brand in attracting my ideal client, but they are not altering who that client is. I’m still aligned in the services I offer and the clients I serve. 

How Will a Rebrand Realign My Business After a Shift

Rebranding is a way to help re-establish yourself as an expert in the field or uplevel your business when you feel as though your current brand is no longer serving you or your clients. Rebranding also clarifies your brand’s mission, values, goals, customer journey, and strategy on how to integrate your branding with your business. Some rebranding sessions include a strategy for brand photography and copy to keep your messaging consistent and aligned with your new brand.

Outside of branding and your business, rebranding has shown to increase sales and conversions for existing offers and allow business owners to raise their prices and increase website traffic. For example, Ashley from Solution Integrators experienced an increase in her conversion rate from 43% to 64%.

When Should I Rebrand My Business?

The first sign that you need to rebrand your business is when you feel that is no longer serving you, your goals, and your clients. Otherwise, here are a few instances in which a rebranding may be just what you need:

  • You’ve been piecing your brand together up until this point but have been left still feeling like your brand Just isn’t complete & represents YOU
  • You’ve DIY’d your brand up until this point but you are ready for a professional overhaul in order to charge what you would like and have the business you want.
  • You are at a point where you are wanting to raise your prices & attract higher-level clients but you know your brand needs to elevate as well
  • You already have the amazing offer, but want a better way to communicate your offer as a no-brainer on sales calls

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to make a change, discover our Soulful Brand and be recognized as the powerhouse, success, and expert that you already are… long before you’ve walked into the room.

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