Before we get started, let’s cover what I mean by branding – it’s not just your logo. When I reference branding, I’m talking about your “brand.” The way your business presents itself, your messaging, the audience you’re attracting, your business’s personality. While this does include your logo, it’s not JUST a logo.

The reason I want to talk about branding in your business is that we’re so ready to dive in – but not ready to analyze where we are. When we think about our business we think about:

  • How much we want to make 
  • What we want to offer next
  • Having a team
  • Vacations. Vacations. Vacations.

And we are ready for it NOW. But, the truth is there are levels to getting there, things you need to focus on to accomplish each level, and ways to help you navigate to where you want to be. And A LOT of it relates to how your brand develops. Let’s break it down into four stages:

  1. The Survivor
  2. The Rising Entrepreneur 
  3. The Go-to Expert
  4. The Wealthy CEO

Knowing these four stages will allow you to acknowledge the progress you’ve made, set achievable goals to work towards within each stage, and apply strategies for where you are. Here’s what you need to know about the four stages of growth in our business & branding:

The Survivor.

You’re in the first year of your business and you’re doing all the things – you’re the marketer, content creator, designer, customer service, etc. You’re trying to DIY as much as you can and learning as you go. 

Brand Building Tips for The Survivor:

  • Study your ideal client
  • Have a professional website (templates are just as good as custom)
  • Identify your strengths – and weaknesses
  • Research your industry

The Rising Entrepreneur.

You’re getting some traction in your business, but you’re feeling overlooked. You’re ready to get more eyes on your brand, but feel like you’ve outgrown your current brand.

Brand Building Tips for The Rising Entrepreneur:

  • Do a brand deep dive to develop your brand strategy
  • Website refresh – this is your chance to redo the website you’ve outgrown
  • Focus on user experience and the journey your audience will go on
  • Utilize your marketing channels to increase your visibility

The Go-To Expert.

You’re getting visibility and are known as the go-to person for your signature offers. Now, you’re ready to bein thinking about delegating more and launching NEW offers that will build on top of your signature offer.

Brand Building Tips for The Go-To Expert: 

  • Focus on your brand experience
  • Upgrade your website to ensure it aligns with your brand experience
  • Create a marketing plan for your signature offers
  • Delegate or outsource tasks where necessary

The Wealthy CEO.

You’re at the top in your industry and are living the dream of what you imagined at the beginning of your journey. You have a solid team in place and consistent revenue that allows you to have the freedom and time that you’ve desired. Now, you’re wanting to know what’s next and how you can continue to thrive at the top of your industry.

Brand Building Tips for The Wealthy CEO:

  • Stay updated on market gaps
  • Have ongoing launch planning
  • Ensure your website updates to your launches
  • Create a business plan for your next steps

Wondering what stage your business is in and what steps to take next? Take the FREE Brand Growth Quiz!

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