AI has been a hot topic in the world of entrepreneurship for a few months now. The tool certainly has strong opinions about it. 

I usually fall on the side of understanding the capabilities and integrating parts of it into my business. Considering it’s a tool, there are definitely ways it can benefit your business. Remember, tools never replace people. I don’t believe AI should replace team members but instead allow them to perform their jobs better and be more efficient.

There have been many questions about how an AI writing tool will impact your SEO. Will Google rank you lower for using AI? Does AI write while keeping SEO in mind? There’s speculation right now about these topics, which we’ll get into in this article.

The Basics of AI Writing Tools

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and made public and free to everyone. It was a virtually unheard-of concept for the longest time, and it scared people at first. The capabilities are extensive, and it’s free?! Well, it still has some kinks to work out.

For example, the content from an AI writing tool like ChatGPT may not be completely accurate. Right now, it only has information up to 2021, meaning it could be producing content that’s outdated. It’s important to fact-check the content it writes for you to ensure it’s accurate and credible.

AI writing tools are constantly evolving and learning. Eventually, it will catch up to the present day and produce accurate information. However, there is the possibility that it will be learning from faulty information. Think about it: People are using the tool now and publishing content written by AI. If the published information was inaccurate, the AI is learning from it. It may be learning from the content it produced, which may or may not be correct. 

I expect there to be a war for content. The ease of producing and publishing content with AI removes the barrier many entrepreneurs face of not having enough time to create content themselves. There will be so much more content, and that will make it harder to rank on search engines.

how does ai writing impact seo

AI and SEO

The big question people are wondering is, “Will AI impact my SEO?” Right now, Google ranks content based on domain authority, perceived value, uniqueness, and relevant keywords. Google doesn’t know the difference between AI-written content and human-written content. For now, at least. This may change in the future, so it’s important to plan for it.

Continue to deliver valuable content for your audience. Even if AI wrote parts of a blog, you should still add your brand voice and make sure it has relevant keywords. Give it your unique touch! Value always wins when it comes to ranking on search engines.

I’ve found AI-written content to be pretty basic, but honestly, that’s all you need. Use it as a starting point; add your brand voice, keywords, internal links, and images, and you’re all set! This way, even if Google does start to judge AI-written content, you’ve edited it enough to stand out.

It’s still early to tell how AI will impact SEO. I recommend starting slow with AI to see how it impacts your website performance. Consistently check your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to see how AI-written content has impacted your website traffic. If you notice a dip, consider reducing your use of AI. 

How to Use AI for Your Business

How to Use AI for Your Business

AI isn’t all bad! There are great ways to use it, even if you don’t want it to produce content for you. Here are some examples:

  • Brainstorm ideas: Use it as a starting point, and you can write something unique.
  • Proofread: It can correct mistakes you didn’t catch while editing.
  • Outline content: Allow it to think of the main headings for blogs.
  • Keyword research: Be specific when searching for keywords on AI, but it can be a helpful starting point!

These are some AI tools for business I recommend looking into:

  • ChatGPT: Ask the tool questions or requests, and it will produce an answer. The limit is as big as your imagination.
  • ManyChat: This tool was built for sales and marketing purposes. It’s great for producing marketing copy to increase sales.
  • Jasper AI: Create content, marketing copy, and images. It was designed to create blogs, social media captions, bios, ad copy, and more.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again! Add your personality and unique touch to the content AI produces! There are two things you need to do after receiving content from AI:

  1. Fact-check the copy and ensure accuracy.
  2. Edit to add an emotional touch, your brand voice/personality, and keywords.

I encourage you to test how AI can benefit your business if you haven’t already! I know an innovative tool can be scary, but embrace it! Think about how it can help you improve your productivity and business processes. I’m doing that myself right now, too! I can’t see the future, but I’m guessing AI is here to stay. You might as well utilize it to grow your business.

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