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3 Easy Lead Magnets For Service-Based Businesses

Lead Magnets For Service-Based Businesses

Most email experts will tell you that you need a lead magnet – affectionately dubbed a “freebie” by most – to generate new email subscribers consistently, and I have to agree. Lead magnets attract potential clients that are interested in the services or products you offer, but are unsure if they’re ready to commit to the full thing. Of course, there are some that perform better and are easier to create than others, which is why I recommend these three easy lead magnets for service-based businesses when asked:

  1. Checklist
  2. Masterclass
  3. Multi-Day Challenge

Each has their own perks and can be made based on your comfort level. For example, your lead magnet might be determined by how comfortable you are speaking on camera, writing copy, or designing a graphic.

#1. Checklist

The typical go-to lead magnet for service based businesses, a checklist is a great option for business owners that are comfortable with their branding, design, and prefer short writing over speaking. Checklist can cover a how-to or a step-by-step process in your field. 

Checklist are typically the best option for service based businesses that are new to lead magnets – they take minimal prep, templates are affordable if you are uncomfortable with design, and they are pretty self-explanatory in creation. The downside of checklists is that they are common and don’t offer much space to deviate or add additional information or content that may be useful to your audience. 

#2. Masterclasses

Masterclasses can be an opportunity to build excitement for a live event that can be turned into an evergreen lead magnet. With masterclasses you get to choose your topic and approach it in a way that doesn’t need to be 100% linear like a checklist does. 

The downside of masterclasses is that you need to be comfortable with speaking to your audience and encouraging them to take action and see the results of what you’re teaching. Masterclasses also require extra work on the backend to ensure your evergreen lead magnet is performing and delivering correctly.

#3. Multi-Day Challenges

A multi-day challenge is actually what I’ve used as my own lead magnet now and in the past. My current lead magnet is my three-day magnetic brand challenge. If you have the time, multi-day challenges are one of the best options for a lead magnet thanks to their versatility. These challenges can be delivered straight to their inbox, hosted in a Facebook group, or in a workbook. You’re able to chose a style your audience likes as well as one that you are comfortable doing. 

The downside of multi-day challenges is that they typically require more prep time vs. masterclasses and checklists. Whether it’s setting up your email workflow, designing your workbooks, or recording multiple days of video content, it’s a lot of work in your backend. The key to creating a successful lead magnet is choosing the right content and form of delivery that is best for you and your audience. Looking for more business, brand, and design tips? Follow us on Instagram at @amecreatives