Have you ever had that random visit from company and you are scrambling because you have to hurry up and straighten up the house?

That’s how it can feel when we have a big opportunity coming up that is not ready for everyone to begin to see our brand.

It’s one of those life changing opportunities that can help you with getting more visibility & selling your offer. But you know if you show them how your brand is right now it won’t match the level of growth you have in your brand right now.

So instead of taking care of it you use your Instagram instead because that’s easier. You don’t have the time to figure it all out and Instagram is much easier for you.

But once that opportunity actually comes where you hear back from them then you have to put together your brand in time and sometimes you won’t hear back because of the way your brand is.

If you are wondering if your brand is ready for that random visit from company I have a contact us so that you can take to find out.

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