Here’s Why Your Instagram Feed Won’t Land A Big Opportunity

If you are wanting to truly build credibility in your business to book premium opportunities (media appearances, speaking engagements, guest coaching, etc.) focusing on your Instagram is not the solution.

Instagram has been this alternative to having a website and it’s because you don’t have the time or skill to correct the website you are currently embarrassed by.

So you feel that it is easier to just focus on your Instagram. But then when you hear back about this amazing opportunity, you realize you no longer can keep hiding that website. And on top of that, you begin to see that your entire brand is not on the same level of where you are right now. So you scramble trying to find a solution to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

What you don’t realize is that this causes a bigger level of frustration than what’s needed AND you don’t realize the opportunities that you have missed by keeping your brand this way for this long.

Your brand should always be camera ready so that you never have to get ready. They always say, “When you stay ready, there’s no need to get ready.”

People are going to still google you and your Instagram will not be enough for them.

And if you’re being honest, your Instagram profile isn’t doing your expertise any justice either. That’s why I created my free 5 Day Brand Refresh Challenge.

This is the first step to repositioning yourself as an expert online so that you can secure/book the opportunities you’ve been working so hard to submit yourself for.

Join now!

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